• Peggy Carter began as a found-item costume that Alena put together for a movie premiere. She decided to wear it again to a convention a few weeks later, and it was so well received that she kept wearing it! It's now a personal favorite -- simple, comfortable, recognizable, and it HAS POCKETS, which practically elevates it to the Holy Grail of costumes. Laura later joined her as second-season villain Whitney Frost.

  • By now you’ve probably heard the announcement that CosplaySupplies.com is now carrying Flexbond, a popular theatrical glue that up until now was difficult to come by in small quantities. After the jump, I’ll be testing and reviewing this product so you can see how it works on foam and Worbla! I’m no stranger to hijacking theatrical supplies for cosplay purposes; I’ve been using Sculpt Or Coat for years, and I’d heard about Flexbond via discussion on the RPF, though I had not tried it out because at the time it was only available in large quantities. Now it is finally available in smaller bottles, so you don’t have to buy it by the gallon! So what is Flexbond? Flexbond is

  • I’ve gotten a few questions about crossplay makeup (since about 60% of my costumes are male characters), so I thought I’d share one of my go-to products: Flesh-tone lipstick! My lips are naturally full and red. On a normal day, or in costumes where I don’t conceal it, my mouth looks like it’s trying for something out of a 1940s pinup: …which would be great if I were living in the 1940s, but when you’re trying to play a 14-year-old boy from a cel-shaded source, it’s a little less convenient. ^_^ When I first started cosplaying I used to cover my lips with foundation and powder, which worked really well for photos, but dried out my lips and ultimately caused

  • Does your costume have contrast trim around the edges? Never fear -- bias tape isn't as scary as it looks! This is a very beginner-friendly guide to double-fold bias tape application. This is double-fold bias tape. If you unfold it, you will see three fold lines. (This is the kind I recommend for trimming the edges of a garment.) If you are using single-fold bias tape, you will see only two fold lines, and you will have to use your imagination or a ruler to divide the wide center section in half in order for it to wrap both sides of your fabric.   Lay your bias tape flat and find the side that is slightly narrower than the other. You will

  • Mark as Kung Fury, Alena as Barbarianna, and Laura as the Laser Raptor from Kung Fury. With special guest Yaexrae as Katana. Awards Best Group Craftsmanship, Anime Central 2016.  

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