Sailor Moon

Alena as Sailor Pluto, Kunzite, and Prince Saphir. Laura as Tuxedo Kamen. Mark as Endymion and Rubeus.


Sailor Pluto: Best Master Craftsmanship, Midoricon 2014.

Saphir/Rubeus: Best Master Craftsmanship, Midoricon 2015.


Sailor Pluto

Prince Saphir & Rubeus


Sailor Moon Villains Group

Yaexrae as Queen Beryl, Laura as Tuxedo Kamen, Mark as Endymion, Alena as Kunzite, Alana B. as Zoisite, PansyChubb as Jadeite, Pally Kashra as Nephrite.

Doctor Who & Torchwood

The Doctor & Companions

Mark as The Eleventh Doctor, Alena as River Song, Laura as Rose Tyler.


Alena as Captain Jack Harkness and Ianto Jones, Mark as Captain John Hart

Jack & Ianto

Alena as Captain Jack Harkness, with Bonk as Ianto Jones.

“Candyfloss” Photo Comic

Laura and Alena were making an appearance at a library summer reading program kickoff event. After lamenting that being surrounded by small children didn’t really allow for Jack to be appropriately in character, they started taking silly selfies with some cotton candy (which Jack naturally had to flirt with, since he couldn’t interact with the crowd in his usual manner). Later, looking over the photos, Alena began to envision a script to tie the pictures together… whence this little comic.

Alena as Captain Jack Harkness, Laura as River Song.


And a bonus gif for the Torchwood fans:

With Bonk as Ianto Jones.

With Bonk as Ianto Jones.

White Christmas

When The Historic Artcraft Theatre showed the classic holiday musical White Christmas, Alena (a lifelong Danny Kaye fan) and Yaexrae enthusiastically replicated the dresses from the famous “Sisters” number and appeared onstage and in the lobby of the theatre for the event.

The dresses were patterned from scratch (inspired by Edith Head’s original designs) and feature full-circle skirts made of satin, organza and chiffon, embellished lace bodices, matching tulle petticoats, and a ridiculous number of sequins.

Fun fact: Due to multiple defective zippers (so far the dress has gone through three), Alena had to be sewn into her dress on the way to the performance.

Alena as Betty Haynes; Yaexrae as Judy Haynes.

Final Fantasy VII

Laura as Rufus Shinra from Advent Children; Mark as Tseng from Advent Children; Alena as Vincent Valentine (Turks version) from… well, about five games. Some of which were better than others.

Rise of the Guardians

We saw RotG at the late show on opening night, and (possibly due to the fact that it was a 10PM showing the night before Thanksgiving) we had the entire theatre to ourselves… which meant that about 10 minutes into the movie, we were already arguing vocally over which of us got to cosplay which character.

I ended up with Jack, and immediately embarked on the search for a blue hoodie, only to find that nobody actually makes a hoodie like his with the dual front seams, bell sleeves, etc. So, about 20 hours of fabric dyeing, sewing, glue, glitter, artificial snow, wood-sawing and wig-styling later, I had a wearable costume — which fortunately coincided with a gorgeous snowfall! (As you can see, my Doberman also enjoyed the photoshoot. My frozen bare feet did not. Which is one reason this costume inspired the invisible shoes.)

Photos also feature Elendrial Alastair as Pitch Black.

Mysterious Cities of Gold

When we (Laura and Alena) were young, we watched a French/Japanese television program that aired in America in the very early 1980s. It went off the air by around 1984, and for years afterward, there was no trace of it — no videos, no records, nobody who remembered seeing it. But thanks to the wonder of technology, this lost classic was rediscovered when it was released on DVD nearly 30 years after its original run.

Some time later, we were arranging a trip through Central America, including a visit to two Mayan cities. Presented with the opportunity to do a photoshoot at actual Mayan ruins, we couldn’t resist doing a set of MCoG costumes for a location shoot! So we threw together very quick costumes for Zia and Esteban, packed along our favorite cosplay photographer Elemental, and had a blast.

(And yes, Zia is actually Incan, not Mayan… but hey, you work with what you have!)

Highlander: The Series

Alena has been a Methos fangirl since she watched Highlander as a teenager in the 1990s (hey, guess who’s feeling old?). Unfortunately, a character whose wardrobe consists entirely of shapeless sweaters, ill-fitting coats and one notorious pair of red slacks leaves little room for recognizable cosplay. The only really distinctive costume Methos gets in the whole series is his Death persona, shown only briefly in flashbacks with the Four Horsemen. And it includes that godawful wig they put on Peter Wingfield’s head (WHY??).

Matching the coarse wool material from the screen costume proved a challenge, so there was plenty of inventive substitution. Base clothing is a linen blend; cloak, cowl and hood are upholstery chenille; armor is flooring vinyl, treated with several kinds of paint and distressed to look like aged leather; bracers are faux leather with metal studs; mask is thermoformed EVA foam with varnish and paint; and the hideous Bronze Age mullet was recycled from a damaged wig discarded by a local theatre. The costume also incorporates dismantled earrings, the lids of French onion dip cans, a de-blingified thrift store belt buckle, and an old purse converted to a belt pouch (for carrying phone and wallet).

Unfortunately, it’s not a costume that gets recognized. In fact, in all its outings to nerd conventions, only two people so far have known the character (though periodically someone asks if it’s Rule 63 William Wallace…). O_o

The Court Jester

“…And Sewing Is Half the Battle!” frequently sponsors films at The Historic Artcraft Theatre in Franklin, Indiana. The Court Jester is one of our all-time favorites, and when we sponsored it we also organized a gathering of costumed fans dressed as characters from the movie!

Featuring Alena, Mark and Laura as The Black Fox(es); Yaexrae as Griselda; CJ as King Roderick; Larry as Fergus the Ostler; Seeker as the Jester; and Mindy as a peasant woman.