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We get a lot of questions. Here are some of the most common, along with our favorite answers!

Panels, Workshops & Seminars by “…And Sewing Is Half The Battle!”

…And Sewing Is Half the Battle! is happy to present a variety of panels and workshops at conventions or anywhere we’re wanted, on costuming topics ranging from wig styling and found-object costuming to makeup and jewelry-making — and non-costuming topics ranging from literary analysis to dance instruction to animal training!  Since we’ve had many requests…

Laura’s Rule of Cosplay

Haydee & Albert in cosplay sweatshop

Step 1: Spend a dozen hours and great expense making it mediocre. Step 2: Five minutes after finishing, realize how it could have been made in 10 minutes for half the cost, with better results. This has been a consistent phenomenon, observable in all aspects of cosplay creation. We’re slowly getting better at beating the…

Who Are These People?

Laura chibi

…And Sewing Is Half the Battle! is made up of a handful of friends in Indianapolis who started this because they didn’t know any better. While none of them have any formal training in sewing or costuming, they were too naïve to know that they couldn’t do it, and between sheer luck, bullheaded perseverance and…