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These aren’t all the costumes we’ve done — we’d run out of space pretty quickly if we posted everything! — but they’re some of our favorites. Costumes are sorted by series, then variant, then character.  Click on the series title to visit the full gallery, or click on individual costumes for details.

Star Wars

We decided at the last moment to attend an Episode IV screening. All our pieces were scavenged from other costumes (Saiyuki, Cowboy Bebop, etc.) or out of our own closets. (The Sandtrooper we found put rather more work into his costume.)

Our church was having a special event before the time of the screening, and we showed up in our Star Wars costumes. Yeah. Our church rocks.

The NOTW Paperback Adventure

This was our entry for The Name of the Wind paperback release photo contest.

The contest, in April 2008, consisted of these instructions by author Patrick Rothfuss: “Your job will be to go out and take a picture of yourselves with a copy of the paperback. Then you post those pictures up here in the event. Then, at the end of the month, I’ll give prizes to the best of these.”

We had done some cosplay for Pat’s book before, and so I guess we couldn’t resist going just a bit crazy for this. Here’s the result.

Update:  Grand Prize winner!