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Kids, do try this at home! Let’s be honest… many costume designs just DON’T exist in real life. You aren’t going to find a commercial pattern for that unusual military jacket, that huge collar, or that gravity-defying gown. Normal people don’t wear giant horns or try to strap life-sized wings to their backs. But then again, very few people have ever accused cosplayers of being normal. That’s why we’ve put together this collection of tutorials — to help others learn from our experiments! We’ve compiled solutions to a few of the trickier problems we’ve encountered, and we’ve also occasionally documented what not to do and why! We hope these prove useful to other cosplayers. If you have a question, don’t be shy!

Intro to Basic Resin Casting

resin armor

One of the major challenges I faced when I was just getting started in crafting props and accessories was making the massive leap from cutting and gluing things (simple skills we began learning in kindergarten) to working with new materials like resin, plastic and various rubber compounds (which had more in common with an undergraduate…

Boot Cuff & Contrast Lining Tutorial

finished boots

Perhaps you’re attending a Renaissance Faire, cosplaying classic Boy Wonder, or simply trying to hide the raw edges of the boots you’re cutting up to modify for your costume. Here’s a very simple tutorial for adding turnback cuffs or contrast lining to boots (demonstrated using the shoes I made for my Black Fox costume, at…

Invisible Shoes

Jack Frost invisible shoes

I’ve had a surprising number of questions about the invisible shoes that I made for my Jack Frost costume.  So, by request, here’s a step-by-step tutorial! Many popular costumes call for bare feet (Jack Frost, L, Toph, Medusa, Radical Edward and Inuyasha, to name a few) — but running around barefoot can be unsafe and…

Firearms for Cosplay

This is intended for educational purposes for costumers and cosplayers. It is not intended to be a firearms safety course, nor legal advice. Use common sense, thanks.

Why a firearms props tutorial? In one con weekend, I heard from security about a SWAT team being called because of a cosplayer’s weapon, I watched cosplayers violate every firearms safety rule at once, which could have caused any onlooker to react, and I saw otherwise-excellent photos spoiled by the subject’s obvious lack of training with his weapons.

There have been several incidents in which law enforcement was called because of a cosplayer’s prop or behavior, and some cons have responded by banning realistic weapons entirely. But it’s possible to be safe and respectful with your weapon props — hence this overview on how to stay safe, stay legal, and look much better in your photoshoot!

Basic Makeup For Cosplay – FAQ

This is a supplement to our Makeup for Costuming panel and workshop — shorter, internet-friendly version! So you’ve got a great costume and the perfect wig, and you’re all ready to strut your stuff! You go to the convention, pose for a hundred photos, and then go home and prowl the internet looking for your pictures.…