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Kids, do try this at home! Let’s be honest… many costume designs just DON’T exist in real life. You aren’t going to find a commercial pattern for that unusual military jacket, that huge collar, or that gravity-defying gown. Normal people don’t wear giant horns or try to strap life-sized wings to their backs. But then again, very few people have ever accused cosplayers of being normal. That’s why we’ve put together this collection of tutorials — to help others learn from our experiments! We’ve compiled solutions to a few of the trickier problems we’ve encountered, and we’ve also occasionally documented what not to do and why! We hope these prove useful to other cosplayers. If you have a question, don’t be shy!

Wig Styling: High Ponytail

Recently I was asked for a tutorial on putting wigs into high ponytails.  There are many other ponytail and pigtail tutorials out there, but since I had to style one anyway for an upcoming costume set, I figured it couldn’t hurt to add one more to the list.  ^_^  So here is a simple, no-frills, glue-less, sans-caulk, stub-free ponytail walkthrough!

Each step of styling is described below.  To view full-sized images, click on the thumbnails.

How to Enter (and Survive!) A Cosplay Masquerade

This is a guide to enjoying your masquerade experience and gaining the most from it! These are suggestions based on our experiences as cosplay competitors and judges in both craftsmanship and performance. The information given is general, a distillation of many years’ involvement with anime, sci-fi and gaming conventions, rather than being based on any one event. However, every one of the “don’ts” are actual stupid things we have seen people do.

Wig Tutorial: Curling with Hot Water

In my previous wig styling walk-through, I demonstrated curling a wig using a low-temperature curling iron. However, there are several other methods to curl wig fiber that could be considered “safer” (i.e., less likely to accidentally melt your wig). The hot water method — a.k.a. “poster-tubing” — is one of them. Materials: wig or extensions…

The Angel Wing Tutorial

Archangel Michael

This tutorial teaches you to build life-sized (as far as we know!), fully articulated wings, as well as a body harness to support them without hurting your back or shoulders. Specifically, it walks you through the construction process of the wings I made for my Archangel Michael costume. These wings are approximately six feet long,…

Wig Styling Walk-Through

Wolfgang hair

This walk-through is intended as a beginner’s guide to simple wig styling. It demonstrates dyeing, hand-coloring, heat styling and cutting, some of the basic skills with which the aspiring wig stylist should be familiar. I styled this wig for a cosplay of the character at right (the final product can be seen in more detail…