Cupcake the Dinosaur

 Cupcake the dinosaur in a grassy fieldCupcake is a cinematic-style velociraptor, 13.5 feet long and longing to eat you — er, meet you.

We’ve been a bit of a paleozoology enthusiast and fans of movie dinosaurs from Jurassic Park‘s velociraptors to Gwangi. Now we are pleased to introduce Cupcake.

Cupcake made her debut at Anime Central 2016 but is hoping for a vibrant career in community service. If you are a museum, library, or other non-profit educational organization who would like a helpful dinosaur to visit, please contact Laura.

Looking to hire a dinosaur for a day? Other groups and individuals are welcome to ask about appearances as well! Our rates are very competitive.

Please note there are some restrictions based upon limitations of the costume, and renting the costume without the puppeteer is not available. Besides, you want someone experienced in making the movement and interaction realistic, right?



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