Devil May Cry

No, seriously.  Trash and found objects!

Trish’s trademark lightning bolt bustier (totally secure without tape or glue!) was made from vinyl scrap, leftover from Mephistopheles’ wings.  Lady’s greed plaid skirt was made by pleating together scraps of green fabric taken from the trash, then painting with a plaid pattern.  Dante’s red coat and vest were custom made for this costume, but the sword Rebellion….  It’s trash, too.

  • a toilet paper tube
  • a broken stick
  • the stuffing from a toy that a Doberman shredded (seriously!)
  • the cardboard core from a roll of Reynold’s Wrap
  • the broken end of a PVC pipe
  • a piece of aluminum wire
  • the crumpled paper that came stuffed in the toe of my new boots
  • hot glue
  • some scraps of EVA foam
  • duct tape
  • Model Magic
  • a torn scrap of vinyl
  • leftover wire sculpting mesh
  • the original Wonderflex blade from the Archangel Michael sword (later replaced with carved polystyrene, so this one was discarded)

(Why yes, we are the group which offers the No Budget, No Skills, No Problem! costuming panels and workshops — why do you ask?)

The Trish costume cost less than $10 to complete.  The Lady costume cost less than $20.  Dante’s was the price of fabric and our labor to sew.  The handguns are designed to comply with Gen Con’s draconian weapons policy and are just paper mache L’s from Hobby Lobby, painted to resemble the individual guns in the game.

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