Doctor Who & Torchwood

The Doctor & Companions

Mark as The Eleventh Doctor, Alena as River Song, Laura as Rose Tyler.


Alena as Captain Jack Harkness and Ianto Jones, Mark as Captain John Hart

Jack & Ianto

Alena as Captain Jack Harkness, with Bonk as Ianto Jones.

“Candyfloss” Photo Comic

Laura and Alena were making an appearance at a library summer reading program kickoff event. After lamenting that being surrounded by small children didn’t really allow for Jack to be appropriately in character, they started taking silly selfies with some cotton candy (which Jack naturally had to flirt with, since he couldn’t interact with the crowd in his usual manner). Later, looking over the photos, Alena began to envision a script to tie the pictures together… whence this little comic.

Alena as Captain Jack Harkness, Laura as River Song.


And a bonus gif for the Torchwood fans:

With Bonk as Ianto Jones.

With Bonk as Ianto Jones.

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