Gankutsuou, The Count of Monte Cristo

Gankutsuou, which translates roughly to “Lord of the Cavern,” was the Japanese title of a translation of Alexandre Dumas’ novel Le Comte de Monte Cristo. It is also the title of a 2004 anime which sets the events of the novel far in the future, where Carnival takes place on the moon and Paris is walled off to keep the less-privileged world at bay.

Still, despite its obvious departure from the staging of the novel in mid-19th-century Europe, Gankutsuou remains remarkably faithful to the source material, with only a few changes in the plot until the whirlwind ending.

(…And Sewing Is Half the Battle!¬†also occasionally presents an academic panel comparing and contrasting the original novel with the anime and several film adaptations.)

The series is distinctive for its stunning visual presentation. Instead of the flat areas of color used in traditional animation, Gankutsuou uses computer-generated patterns to mask the backgrounds and characters’ clothing and hair. These patterns are constantly in motion, giving each frame the sense of a living kaleidoscope.

The art is very lush, both stunning and beautiful, but of course is very hard to replicate! The challenge presented by this type of art is, of course, finding fabrics that even remotely resemble the wild patterning of the series. For the costume of Albert de Morcerf, we made three full costumes with different materials, experimenting with fabric and paint and glitter before we at last settled on layering sheer fabric over an opaque pattern to give the effect of motion.

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