Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler)

Our first set of Kuroshitsuji costumes was a deliberate found item challenge — we assembled Sebastian, Ciel and Grelle without making anything specifically for the set (all consisting of vintage and modified clothing pieces).  Sebastian’s tailcoat is an authentic antique Victorian piece; his trousers are vintage button-front military pants from just after WWII.  Ciel’s costume includes a purchased coat, Goodwill store “knickers,” and lots of ruffles.  Grell’s shirt and vest were modified from a thrift store find and his red coat was borrowed from Dante (Devil May Cry).

Later we made additional costumes from the series. Undertaker’s black crepe ensemble was entirely crafted by hand, including the jewelry and prosthetic scar makeup; Lizzy’s zombie-fighting attire is a combination of made-from-scratch pieces and modified found items.


  • First Runner-Up Masters Craftsmanship, Anime Crossroads 2011 (Undertaker)
  • Best Performance, Anime Crossroads 2011


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