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When we once again had the opportunity to sponsor one of our favorite films at The Historic Artcraft Theatre, we decided to go all-out and do a live stage pre-show. In costume. With chariots. Alena as Judah; Laura as Messala.

Intro to Basic Resin Casting

resin armor

One of the major challenges I faced when I was just getting started in crafting props and accessories was making the massive leap from cutting and gluing things (simple skills we began learning in kindergarten) to working with new materials like resin, plastic and various rubber compounds (which had more in common with an undergraduate…

Boot Cuff & Contrast Lining Tutorial

finished boots

Perhaps you’re attending a Renaissance Faire, cosplaying classic Boy Wonder, or simply trying to hide the raw edges of the boots you’re cutting up to modify for your costume. Here’s a very simple tutorial for adding turnback cuffs or contrast lining to boots (demonstrated using the shoes I made for my Black Fox costume, at…

Invisible Shoes

Jack Frost invisible shoes

I’ve had a surprising number of questions about the invisible shoes that I made for my Jack Frost costume.  So, by request, here’s a step-by-step tutorial! Many popular costumes call for bare feet (Jack Frost, L, Toph, Medusa, Radical Edward and Inuyasha, to name a few) — but running around barefoot can be unsafe and…