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The Mysterious Cities of Gold

Now seriously, who could resist this? A photoshoot on actual Mayan ruins?! So we made quick and dirty (very dirty!) costumes in a hotel room (thank God for Heat-n-Bond and hotel irons!) and asked the fabulous Elemental to make them look as un-horrific as possible in the setting. But man, these costumes are awful. ūüôā

If you aren’t familiar with The Mysterious Cities of Gold, well, you missed out on a great piece of childhood. Just sayin’.

Saiunkoku Monogatari

This was one of the most technically exquisite sets we’ve ever done — Seiran and Ryuuki are full of detail. Based on an ancient Chinese fantasy, these costumes variously demanded imperial majesty, beautiful regalia, and rough-and-ready practicality. Alena has said our Emperor Ryuuki is one of the best pieces we’ve ever produced.

Initially, our goal was to make everything as historically accurate as possible. We researched Chinese and Japanese clothing, watched period films, visited museums, and dug up historic clothing pattern books to try to make things as “correct” as they could be. Unfortunately, as we learned, the series itself combines several hundred years’ clothing styles, and some elements of the series’ fantasy clothing don’t fit ANY period of history. Since the artists who designed the costumes broke the rules, we had to follow suit to make our costumes match the reference images.

Basic Makeup For Cosplay – FAQ

This is a supplement to our¬†Makeup for Costuming panel and workshop — shorter, internet-friendly version! So you’ve got a great costume and the perfect wig, and you’re all ready to strut your stuff! You go to the convention, pose for a hundred photos, and then go home and prowl the internet looking for your pictures.…

Panels, Workshops & Seminars by “…And Sewing Is Half The Battle!”

…And Sewing Is Half the Battle! is happy to present a variety of panels and workshops at conventions or anywhere we’re wanted, on costuming topics ranging from wig styling and found-object costuming to makeup and jewelry-making — and non-costuming topics ranging from literary analysis to dance instruction to animal training!¬† Since we’ve had many requests…

Wig Styling: High Ponytail

Recently I was asked for a tutorial on putting wigs into high ponytails.¬† There are many other ponytail and pigtail tutorials out there, but since I had to style one anyway for an upcoming costume set, I figured it couldn’t hurt to add one more to the list.¬† ^_^¬† So here is a simple, no-frills, glue-less, sans-caulk, stub-free ponytail walkthrough!

Each step of styling is described below.  To view full-sized images, click on the thumbnails.

Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE – Valeria

SPOILER WARNING! ^_^ This set of costumes from the Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE manga features young Fay (Laura), young Yuui (Alena) and King Ashura (Mark) from the flashback sequences set in Valeria.  Since Valeria is a land of ice, we had great fun doing an appropriately wintery photoshoot with these costumes!

These costumes actually took an amazing amount of time.¬† The applique on Ashura’s large cloak, for example, took about 5 hours to pattern, 4.5 hours to cut, 2 hours to gradient dye by hand, and about 15 hours to applique to the base cloak.¬† For behind-the-scenes photos of the process, go to our Facebook album.

Detective Conan

For being such a famous and successful series (the anime is celebrating its 15th year), Detective Conan is woefully underrepresented in the cosplay department!¬† …So says Alena, who is a big fan of the small detective.¬† With a little arm-twisting, she managed to convince the rest of the group to join her in Conan cosplay.

Final Fantasy X-2

Along with our friend Michelle, we recreated a set of Paine’s costumes from the game¬†Final Fantasy X-2. They included Gunner Paine (Alena), Dark Knight Paine (Michelle), Lady Luck Paine (Laura, made by Michelle), and Full Throttle Paine (Laura).