“…And Sewing Is Half The Battle!”

A competitive cosplay team based in the Midwest, “…And Sewing Is Half The Battle!” loves exhibiting costumes and bringing their educational workshops to cosplayers and enthusiasts everywhere.

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Yes, But Do You Like Us?

ASIHTB is on all your favorite social media! On our various feeds, we share in-progress photos, silly costume fun, tutorials, liveblogging from costume events we attend, and more! We occasionally do tutorials by request and are happy to answer general questions, as well. We love to chat with other fans and costumers, so please feel free to contact us!

What Do Anime and Comic Conventions, Trade Shows, Writers’ Workshops, Public Libraries, and Museums Have in Common?​

They’re all places that ASIHTB presents informative panels and workshops! We offer more than 30 educational programs on a variety of topics ranging from basic sewing to literary analysis to dance instruction. (We rotate them out annually, and we often take requests.) Check out our current workshop offerings.

To schedule an ASIHTB appearance at your event, contact us!

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We’re Famous On The… Some Form Of Media

ASIHTB has been interviewed for newspapers, TV news broadcasts, podcasts, radio shows, blogs, video documentaries, and even a doctoral thesis. If you’re bored (or need a quotable reference for that term paper you’re writing on fan culture), you can check out a selection of media featuring our words and/or faces at the Press & Media page.​

If you create such media and want a quote or an interview, feel free to contact us! We’re always happy to chat.

Coming Soon, To A Convention Near You…​

ASIHTB and Cupcake the Dinosaur sure do get around. For a (mostly) up-to-date list of conventions and other special events we’ll be presenting at, take a look at our creatively-named Convention and Event Schedule.

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