Rise of the Guardians

We saw RotG at the late show on opening night, and (possibly due to the fact that it was a 10PM showing the night before Thanksgiving) we had the entire theatre to ourselves… which meant that about 10 minutes into the movie, we were already arguing vocally over which of us got to cosplay which character.

I ended up with Jack, and immediately embarked on the search for a blue hoodie, only to find that nobody actually makes a hoodie like his with the dual front seams, bell sleeves, etc. So, about 20 hours of fabric dyeing, sewing, glue, glitter, artificial snow, wood-sawing and wig-styling later, I had a wearable costume — which fortunately coincided with a gorgeous snowfall! (As you can see, my Doberman also enjoyed the photoshoot. My frozen bare feet did not. Which is one reason this costume inspired the invisible shoes.)

Photos also feature Elendrial Alastair as Pitch Black.

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