• So... Alena is a rabid Scarlet Pimpernel fangirl. By rabid, I mean she has read all 17 of the Scarlet Pimpernel books written by Baroness Orczy (and amassed quite a respectable collection of early editions of Orczy's works), watched every extant film and television version, seen the Broadway musical so many times she's lost count, has a laminated membership card for the League of the Scarlet Pimpernel, and even has postcards and programs from the original 1905 stage play hanging on her walls. So when the Takarazuka Revue (a famous all-female theatre troupe in Japan) tackled Frank Wildhorn's hit Broadway musical The Scarlet Pimpernel, there was no question that this costume set was happening. And -- since this was one of Alena's great passions in life -- it

  • Our first terra cotta infantryman was commissioned by the Children's Museum of Indianapolis for the National Geographic Treasures of the Earth exhibit, a permanent wing which includes replicas and interactive displays of the terra cotta warriors from Xi'an, China. Alena wore the costume for the members' preview and the Grand Opening of the exhibit.  The suit is made of silicone rubber and rubber-coated fabric, and was hand-painted with tinted silicone and aged with powder pigments. Since we already had the molds, we decided to test out some other casting and coloring techniques, so we made another warrior for our own use. That one was worn at Gen Con (modeled by Ken of Godly Team Cosplay) along with our Saiunkoku Monogatari set. Awards First Place in Professional Division,

  • Mark as Link from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Awards Second Place in Professional Division, Gen Con 2010  

  • From the Tsuiokuhen OVAs and manga.

    Kenshin (in his Hitokiri Battousai days) and Yukishiro Tomoe are made with great attention to historical and source accuracy, from historically appropriate fabrics even to historically-correct loom widths and authentically woven zouri (sandals). Hiko Seijuro's costume is a bit more fancifully fun, with enormous shoulders and a fake physique.

    Also here is Diane Woodring as Enishi, Tomoe's cute psychopathic younger brother and future arch-nemesis.


    Colossal Con 2011, Best In Show


    Master Knows Best (Colossal Con 2011)

  • Along with our friend Michelle, we recreated a set of Paine's costumes from the game Final Fantasy X-2. They included Gunner Paine (Alena), Dark Knight Paine (Michelle), Lady Luck Paine (Laura, made by Michelle), and Full Throttle Paine (Laura).