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The Scarlet Pimpernel

So… Alena is a rabid Scarlet Pimpernel fangirl. By rabid, I mean she has read all 17 of the Scarlet Pimpernel books written by Baroness Orczy (and amassed quite a respectable collection of early editions of Orczy’s works), watched every extant film and television version, seen the Broadway musical so many times she’s lost count, has a laminated membership card…



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Harry Potter

For a local release party of the seventh book, we cosplayed as a variety of characters from the book series, including Nearly-Headless Nick, Snape (Good) and Snape (Evil), Professor Trelawny, Dudley Dursley, and of course Harry Potter himself.


The Name of the Wind

Donkey cooties!

The Name of the WindIn 2007, a new fantasy novel was released, a debut by Patrick Rothfuss. Not only did it turn out to be immensely successful, it struck a sympathetic chord (pardon the awful double internal pun*) within our own circle. And then an innocent chat between two friends somehow became a plan to cosplay and photograph characters….

The NOTW Paperback Adventure

This was our entry for The Name of the Wind paperback release photo contest.

The contest, in April 2008, consisted of these instructions by author Patrick Rothfuss: “Your job will be to go out and take a picture of yourselves with a copy of the paperback. Then you post those pictures up here in the event. Then, at the end of the month, I’ll give prizes to the best of these.”

We had done some cosplay for Pat’s book before, and so I guess we couldn’t resist going just a bit crazy for this. Here’s the result.

Update:  Grand Prize winner!