• (Version 2 of this tutorial, as the original somehow got eaten in a server switch... sorry for the inconvenience! I hope I've remembered the details correctly.) This is a simple way to modify boots for Sailor Moon, Wonder Woman, Supergirl, or any other character with shaped/color contrast boot tops. The boots I'm making are for a Sailor Pluto costume (shown at right); they have pointed tops and a band of white trim around the top. Materials tall boots vinyl/leather/other material in contrasting color glue that will stick to your vinyl ~2" Velcro   First, choose boots that are comfortable and suitable for the character. I tend to buy most of my cosplay footwear at discount or thrift stores (yes, you can

  • finished boots

    Perhaps you're attending a Renaissance Faire, cosplaying classic Boy Wonder, or simply trying to hide the raw edges of the boots you're cutting up to modify for your costume. Here's a very simple tutorial for adding turnback cuffs or contrast lining to boots (demonstrated using the shoes I made for my Black Fox costume, at right).   Materials boots to modify fabric (whatever you're using for lining) scissors sewing machine or hand-sewing utensils (optional) interfacing or stiffening material   1) Choose Your Boots Your boots should fit you comfortably and be the right base style for your costume.  It's easy to alter the boot uppers, but changing the soles, heels or fit is more difficult. The costume I'm making