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White Christmas

When The Historic Artcraft Theatre showed the classic holiday musical White Christmas, Alena (a lifelong Danny Kaye fan) and Yaexrae enthusiastically replicated the dresses from the famous “Sisters” number and appeared onstage and in the lobby of the theatre for the event. The dresses were patterned from scratch (inspired by Edith Head’s original designs) and feature…

The Court Jester

“…And Sewing Is Half the Battle!” frequently sponsors films at The Historic Artcraft Theatre in Franklin, Indiana. The Court Jester is one of our all-time favorites, and when we sponsored it we also organized a gathering of costumed fans dressed as characters from the movie! Featuring Alena, Mark and Laura as The Black Fox(es); Yaexrae as Griselda; CJ…


When we once again had the opportunity to sponsor one of our favorite films at The Historic Artcraft Theatre, we decided to go all-out and do a live stage pre-show. In costume. With chariots. Alena as Judah; Laura as Messala.

Harry Potter

For a local release party of the seventh book, we cosplayed as a variety of characters from the book series, including Nearly-Headless Nick, Snape (Good) and Snape (Evil), Professor Trelawny, Dudley Dursley, and of course Harry Potter himself.


Star Wars

We decided at the last moment to attend an Episode IV screening. All our pieces were scavenged from other costumes (Saiyuki, Cowboy Bebop, etc.) or out of our own closets. (The Sandtrooper we found put rather more work into his costume.)

Our church was having a special event before the time of the screening, and we showed up in our Star Wars costumes. Yeah. Our church rocks.