• By now you’ve probably heard the announcement that CosplaySupplies.com is now carrying Flexbond, a popular theatrical glue that up until now was difficult to come by in small quantities. After the jump, I’ll be testing and reviewing this product so you can see how it works on foam and Worbla! I’m no stranger to hijacking theatrical supplies for cosplay purposes; I’ve been using Sculpt Or Coat for years, and I’d heard about Flexbond via discussion on the RPF, though I had not tried it out because at the time it was only available in large quantities. Now it is finally available in smaller bottles, so you don’t have to buy it by the gallon! So what is Flexbond? Flexbond is

  • Fay in field

    Please note: When I made this prop (in a three-day panic before Gen Con) I was not intending to produce a tutorial on the method, so the only photos I have are the ones I took for my own documentation. I've had so many questions and requests that I've tried to put together a tutorial anyway, but since there are several steps that I don't have any pictures of, you'll have to employ your reading comprehension skills to follow along. :) Materials Used 1" extruded polystyrene insulation foam Worbla 1/4" PVC plumbing pipe 1" x 6' wooden dowel epoxy resin plastic magnifying sheets Patterning Since CLAMP was courteous enough to provide several clear references of the staff, one of which

  • resin armor

    One of the major challenges I faced when I was just getting started in crafting props and accessories was making the massive leap from cutting and gluing things (simple skills we began learning in kindergarten) to working with new materials like resin, plastic and various rubber compounds (which had more in common with an undergraduate chemistry class). Granted, back when I started cosplaying, YouTube hadn't yet been invented, and online tutorials were few and far between... (We also had to walk uphill both ways to buy thread. In the snow. Barefoot. Now get off my lawn.) That meant when I wanted to learn how to work with resin, I just bought a can and began experimenting – and while