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Bias Tape: A Guide For Beginners

Does your costume have contrast trim around the edges? Never fear — bias tape isn’t as scary as it looks! This is a very beginner-friendly guide to double-fold bias tape application. This is double-fold bias tape. If you unfold it, you will see three fold lines. (This is the kind I recommend for trimming the edges…

Boot Cuff & Contrast Lining Tutorial

finished boots

Perhaps you’re attending a Renaissance Faire, cosplaying classic Boy Wonder, or simply trying to hide the raw edges of the boots you’re cutting up to modify for your costume. Here’s a very simple tutorial for adding turnback cuffs or contrast lining to boots (demonstrated using the shoes I made for my Black Fox costume, at…

Firearms for Cosplay

This is intended for educational purposes for costumers and cosplayers. It is not intended to be a firearms safety course, nor legal advice. Use common sense, thanks.

Why a firearms props tutorial? In one con weekend, I heard from security about a SWAT team being called because of a cosplayer’s weapon, I watched cosplayers violate every firearms safety rule at once, which could have caused any onlooker to react, and I saw otherwise-excellent photos spoiled by the subject’s obvious lack of training with his weapons.

There have been several incidents in which law enforcement was called because of a cosplayer’s prop or behavior, and some cons have responded by banning realistic weapons entirely. But it’s possible to be safe and respectful with your weapon props — hence this overview on how to stay safe, stay legal, and look much better in your photoshoot!