Haydee & Albert in cosplay sweatshopKids, DO try this at home!

Below is a list of our tutorials, grouped by category. If you have a question, feel free to contact us!


  • How To Enter (And Survive!) A Costume Masquerade – Thinking about entering your costume in a contest, but not sure how they work? Here are tips for entering, presenting your costume to the judges, and comporting yourself properly at a convention masquerade.
  • Basic Makeup for Cosplay FAQ – Nearly every costume looks better with makeup! Learn the basics of choosing and applying makeup in this FAQ.
  • Firearms for Cosplay – Most cosplayers aren’t trained in proper weapon handling (movies and video games get it wrong, too!), but even fake guns can be a serious legal risk if not handled safely. Learn how to pose with your prop gun realistically, as well as conduct yourself safely around the public and security personnel.
  • Nude Lips For Cosplay/Crossplay – Lips too red or too full for your character? Learn how to minimize them with cosmetics.


  • Historically Accurate Hakama – Hakama patterns can be extremely difficult to find and even harder to understand, but the garment itself isn’t nearly so complicated. Don’t settle for skater pants when you can make your clothing historically accurate!
  • Fullmetal Alchemist Military Uniform – An extremely basic guide to patterning those pesky FMA uniforms. Beginners welcome!
  • Bias Tape: A Guide For Beginners – An easy tutorial for sewing novices! Learn the correct way to apply bias tape or contrast trim around the edges of a garment. With photos!


  • Invisible Shoes for Barefooted Characters – Bare feet are prohibited at most conventions and in many public spaces, but that doesn’t mean your costume has to be spoiled by unsightly shoes! These invisible shoes cost only a couple of dollars and are simple to make.
  • Boot Cuffs & Contrast Lining – An easy way to create Robin-Hood-inspired footwear that can be modified to fit a variety of costumes.
  • Quick & Easy Superhero/Sailor Senshi Boots – Need boots with shaped tops and contrast trim? Alter boots for Sailor Moon, Wonder Woman, or a variety of other costumes in just a few steps.



  • Long Hair & Short Wigs – Do you have long or thick hair that interferes with your ability to wear wigs? This photo tutorial shows how to get three feet of hair up under a two-inch wig (without looking like you’re hiding a hamster under your scalp).
  • Wig Styling: Curling With Hot Water – A very basic demonstration of the hot water wig curling technique for synthetic fiber wigs.
  • Wig Styling: High Ponytail – A demonstration of how to put a loose wig into an updo and add wefts to cover the back of your head.
  • Wig Styling: Walk-Through – A basic demo using heat and Sharpies to restyle a wig.


  1. jeahii <3 you re great!! all the best

  2. Hey,

    I’m looking for a wig for halloween, are there any websites that you suggest?

    • I’ve had nothing but good luck from Arda-Wigs.com. I used their long Jareth for a Ryo-Ohki cosplay and afterwards was able to wash the wig and restyle for other costumes. Plus they have so many colors for each style!

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