Who Are These People?

…And Sewing Is Half the Battle! is made up of a handful of friends in Indianapolis who started this because they didn’t know any better. While none of them have any formal training in sewing or costuming, they were too naïve to know that they couldn’t do it, and between sheer luck, bullheaded perseverance and Laura’s Rule of Cosplay, they’ve put together some competitive costumes.

Shinteetah or Hagane Hakushaku (a.k.a. Laura) Laura chibi

“If i don’t get some dark chocolate now, these sleeves are going on with duct tape!”

Laura is a professional animal trainer and behavior analyst. She talks a lot about behavior in all species.  Her hobbies include writing fiction, various competitive dogsports, and eating chocolate.

Cosplay duties:

  • machine sewing
  • machine embroidery & free embroidery
  • defiance of known laws of physics

Favorite costume: “Honestly, I don’t think I have a favorite anymore.  I like stuff that I’m proud of and in which I have some connection or identification with the character.”

Worst cosplay moment ever: “Arriving at Animarathon 2006 and realizing we’d left a favorite costume piece, Ed’s red coat, at home. My so-called friends Anna and Melissa consoled me by flaunting digital photos of every other Ed Elric cosplayer there, mentioning casually, ‘These Eds all seem to have something you’re missing…’!”


AVA or AVAAntares (a.k.a. Alena) Alena chibi

“This costume defies all known laws of physics! It cannot exist in real life! This character designer should be eviscerated with a seam ripper!”

Alena is a professional studio artist as well as an animal trainer. Her hobbies include photography, writing original fiction, and gaming (when she has the time — which isn’t often).

Cosplay duties:

  • wig styling
  • hand sewing and detail work
  • props, jewelry and accessories
  • threading the serger

Favorite costume: “Usually, whichever one I’m NOT working on at the moment!  But I love vampire!Fay, Zelgadiss, and Noin.  I don’t know that I have a single favorite.”

Worst cosplay moment ever: “Winning Best In Show at OhayoCon ’07… and falling down the stairs on my way to the stage to receive the award. Ouch.”


Mr. Melchoir (a.k.a. Mark) Mark chibi

“I’m in UR baste, ripping UR seamZ”

Mark is a programmer/developer by day and a gamer by night. His hobbies include RPG, video games, and reading.

Cosplay duties:

  • pattern tracing and cutting
  • notions such as buttons, hooks and eyes
  • refilling Laura’s chocolate

Favorite costume: “Cosplaying [Midou] Ban without a wig [from Getbackers]. I had huge hair spikes that managed to stay up without the entire day. Made getting into my car hard though….”

Worst cosplay moment ever: “Discovering (pre-having long enough hair to do it without a wig), that I ‘d left my Amon wig at home…after I’d arrived at Acen.”

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